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Vehicle Maintenance & Repair


Hyundai Maintenance and service tips

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

It is your responsibility as a driver to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy at all times. All parts of the vehicle must be in good working order. If stopped by a member of An Garda Siochana while driving a defective vehicle you will be held liable. The courts can impose a €2,500 fine, a prison sentence or both.

Motorist think that once their vehicle passes the NCT that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy, this is not the case. The owner of the vehicle should maintain the vehicle by servicing the vehicle as outlined in the vehicle handbook, this book will outline when the vehicle should be serviced and when parts should be checked/changed. Many new vehicles will display on the dashboard when these are required.

You should formularise yourself with the below:

  • How to check your vehicle's fluids (water, oil etc)
  • How to inflate your tyres correctly

You should also

  • Do a walk around your vehicle regularly to ensure nothing is damaged or your vehicle is not losing fluids
  • We also recommend that you check your lights regularly to ensure there in working order

These measures are relatively easy to undertake for people with basic mechanical knowledge. Your vehicle handbook will outline information such as correct tyre pressure, oil levels and service intervals.

There are many benefits to maintaining your vehicle such as reducing the running cost, long-term saving on parts and better resale value. The risk of not maintaining your vehicle is a lot more damaging such as insurance not being valid, breaking the law and increased risk of an accident.

A well-maintained car will lower levels of harmful fumes and fluids that can potentially pollute the air, so maintaining your vehicle is also beneficial for the environment. To ensure you're doing your bit for the environment you should ensure that your engine oil is not burning, all components of the vehicle are running smoothly and there are no leaks from the vehicle.

Recent years have seen an increase in monitors on your vehicle that alert you to a problem with your car. We recommend that you check out your vehicle handbook to familiarise yourself with the symbols that may appear on your dashboard and what they mean.

Tyres play a key role in your vehicle safety, tyres are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Read our Tyre Safety article to ensure that your tyres are roadworthy.


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